Welcome to Twisted Crochet!

Hi! I’m Peggy, the designer and maker behind Twisted Crochet. I have a passion for quality, handmade items that I just love creating for you and your family.

While I’ve been crocheting and playing with yarn since the dawn of time, it wasn’t until 2015 that I began my handmade biz gig. It all started with one beanie that I made for a friend. One post on Facebook led to a flood of orders. One ball of yarn led to another and before you know it…I had a business.

About The Brand

For the first year, my handmade business didn’t have a name. It had a place holder name that I don’t even remember. But one day, I was at my white board writing down words that connected my two passions – crochet and yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly two decades and teaching for eleven years. I love yoga as much as I love yarn. What word or words bring them together? I remember writing the word TWISTED and I kept circling it. YES!

Yarn is twisted to create thickness. I twist yarn with every chain, every loop, every stitch. And in yoga, there’s all kinds of twisting poses that help relieve stress and tension. My favorite is knee down twist. That yummy pose right before shavasana.

From that little Ven diagram exercise, I landed on Twisted Crochet. And it stuck.