Welcome to Twisted Crochet!

Hi! I’m Peggy, the designer and maker behind Twisted Crochet. I have a passion for quality, handmade items that I just love creating for you and your family.

While I’ve been crocheting and playing with yarn since the dawn of time, it wasn’t until 2015 that I began my handmade biz gig. It all started with one beanie that I made for a friend. One post on Facebook led to a flood of orders. One ball of yarn led to another and before you know it…I had a business.


About The Brand

As the world’s laziest crocheter (self-proclaimed), I believe that patterns need to not only be fun to make but easy enough for beginners and master crocheters (who love to binge watch reruns of Friends and Big Bang Theory) can create beautiful items that are fabulous to wear. 

As someone who’s totally about ease, grace, and comfort, I love to wear things that are flowy, roomy, and cozy. One of my clients told me that my sweaters are “wearable hugs” and that struck a happy chord with me. Yes. Wearable hugs. 

Twisted Crochet. 

Fun to make. Fabulous to Wear.