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Confessions of a Yarn Addict

This post contains an affiliate link to a pattern bundle that my Alton Bay Bean Pattern for newborn-child 
sizes is part of. This pattern bundle is hosted by Nicole Riley and sponsored by Furls Crochet.

Hello. My name is Peggy and I’m a Yarn Addict.

Four days is the amount of time I can go without my yearn and hooks. That’s it. Four days.

How do I know this? I didn’t bring my yarn and hooks with me on my Denver trip and I was gone for four days.  In all honesty, my hands and arms were fully occupied with lots of baby Sam time. Lots of snuggles and baby hugs. I didn’t have time to miss my yarn. 

Normally, I travel with a couple few 15 skeins of yarn. Once I took a 30 gallon trash bag filled with yarn because I rented a house in Key West for 2 months. I couldn’t be gone that long without yarn. I knew I needed my yarn for my “down” time.  

Grand boy Pearse wrapped in the blanket I made for him (2019)

I’ve brought my yarn to a foreign country. Although, Ireland isn’t that foreign anymore. Sure they drive on the “wrong” side of the road there but it’s hardly foreign. I know my way around Dublin 8 better than most cab drivers. Plus, my daughter lives there with her husband and two of my grands. When Pearse was born in 2016, Rick and I were there for a month. Guess what I found about 2 blocks from our Air BnB? A yarn shop. Since we’ve been traveling back and forth (Alistair was born in 2019), I’ve visited the Constant Knitter on Francis Street every single visit. Sadly, the owner closed her business a few months ago. 

Grand boy Alistair on his granny square blanket (2019)

Believe it or not, I still have some Irish tweed yarn in my stash from 2016. I think it needs to become something soon. Irish tweed is so amazingly wonderful! 

Anyhoo, I’m rambling a bit. I’ve got some overdue time with my yarn and a spring sweater I’m designing is calling for me to pay it some attention. 

 Chat soon!  May your day be filled with the joy of crochet and handmade!  Happy Hooking,


CEO, Twisted Crochet  

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A few days ago I mentioned that I was going to make one of the blanket designs first but that Rose Bonnet by Jade Wang is really calling to me. I have a dear friend who’s having a baby girl in August and this will be the perfect gift to make and give with love.

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You get 40+ patterns hand picked for the Baby and designs by some of the top crocheters on Etsy and Ravelry, including me! My Alton Bay Beanie for newborn-child size pattern is going to be perfect for all those fall babies!

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