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Confessions of a Yarn Addict

I have a thing for pretty, hand-dyed yarn but I really really really dislike (okay, 🤬) the hanks they come in. 

I literally have hanks of yarn sitting in a cubby begging to become something. Anything. They don’t like being hanks either. 😥

So what’s a hank of yarn supposed to do when the human is the laziest fiber artist on the planet? And no, I don’t have a yarn winder. Because I can’t justify the purchase in my own brain.😱

I used to use my husband as my yarn winder. That got old right after he held his arms up for 30 minutes while I wound a hank of dk weight yarn. His gaze was full of fecking fecks 🤬…

…I mean love, while we faced each other so I could wind the yarn. What else could we possibly do on a Friday night? 🕺💃🥂🍻

And then one day while I was searching all my cubbies, taking mental inventory of all my precious yarn, I saw my hanks…starving for affection. I grabbed one, brought it out and my ever ingenious husband flipped a chair upside down and said “your new yarn winder…” 🧶🧶🧶

During an online conference recently, I wound 8 hanks of hand dyed yarn. The Mommy & Me set shown in the photo represents 3 hanks of yarn. 

I still dislike hanks of yarn. I prefer skeins or cakes or balls. But give me a good online conference to attend and I’ll wind hanks into balls all day long.

Purchase the Mommy & Me Set

There’s only one set available as the 3 hanks of yarn in this colorway decided what they wanted to be when I picked up my hook.

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