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Don’t Forget to Set Your Clocks Ahead Tonight!

Hi ! On the one hand I love that we’ll be getting an extra hour of light at the end of the day. On the other hand, daylight savings time really messes with me. It takes a few days for my body to adjust to the time time difference. It’s like jet lag without traveling…LOL 

If you’re looking for something fun to make and haven’t downloaded the Twisted Tulip Cup Cozy or the Beachcomber Cup Cozy, this is the perfect weekend for quick, easy, practical makes.

If you plan on making for spring craft fairs, these will sell fast and add to your bottom line. When I sold in a retail shop, I often heard the shop owner say that the average sale across all her vendors was $10. At craft fairs, my average sale was around $16. You want to make sure you have a good mix of items at varying price points. Cup cozies are a great fit for the under $10 gift! 

Behind the scenes at Twisted Crochet, I’m working on updating my Twisted Alpine Beanie pattern. Based on much appreciated feedback, you’ve told me that you prefer the existing bundle to be 3 separate patterns so that each yarn weight and hook size has its own pattern. Your wish is my command 😁  

I’ve got the pattern in worsted weight 4 out with my testers now. I’ll have all three patterns ready for you when it’s time to start making for fall and Christmas markets. I normally start making in April. When do you start making for fall? 

If you don’t crochet, don’t worry! I’ve got you 😍 Three brand new Twisted Alpine Beanies have hit my online shelf in gray, blush, and sage. They fit tweens, teens, and most adult women up to 22″ head circumference. 

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