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Welcome to Twisted Crochet!

Hi there and welcome to my brand new website and home for Twisted Crochet!

I’m Peggy Nolan, the designer and maker behind Twisted Crochet. I’ve been crocheting since the dawn of time. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered that there was a huge demand and desire for handmade. One thing led to another – or should I say, one beanie led to another and then another and another…so on and so on 🙂

Over the course of 2020, (wild ride, right?) I made the decision to move more towards designing and writing patterns so that I can save my hands a bit. But that doesn’t mean I’m not making! I’m making up a storm right now. Between custom orders and keeping my inventory well stocked for Cask & Vine, I’ve been busy.

During the summer, I made another decision – to create my own website for Twisted Crochet. To have my own platform and one place for y’all to come to shop or just chill with me. I will be deleting my Etsy site on 11/15/2020 and my Ravelry Store will redirect here for all my patterns.

When you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll receive a 10% discount code that you can use right now. Free shipping on all orders $49+.

Be sure to check back often. I’m uploading new beanies, cowls, scarves, and patterns at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, I’m declaring my website done enough and open for business!

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